Spider-Man in Infinity Wars After All?

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News broke around an hour ago on the potential that the long sought after Disney Sony deal over Spider-man’s fate has been completed and that Spidey will in fact be in Infinity Wars: Part 1 in 2018. we are following this story and will keep this page updated.

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Updated 01-14-15 3:00PM:

Seems concurrent with rumors from last month as well.

It seems unlikely if Disney does take back come control of Spider-Man that it will be a past actor that played that role. most likely we will be seeing a new Peter Parker.

Updated 01-14-15 5:00PM:

Still no word from either Sony or Disney on whether this rumor is true.


Updated 01-14-15 7:00PM:

According to a Sony Pictures representative dismissed the report, calling it an “old rumor” with “no validity whatsoever.”



For a Wrap up of the deal between Sony and Disney check out the link below:


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