Pie, And More Importantly… Pi!

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What is Pi you ask? Well in the correct circumstances (just one extra letter) it’s delicious. But spelled as is, it’s a rather interesting mathematical concept… pie for your mind, if you will.


Pi, is the ratio of the circumference of a circle, to its diameter.



For example, take the diameter of any circle and set that value to 1





Now, unwind the circle’s by it’s circumference on the same number line.




The length of that line is Pi, or 3.14159…



And what’s interesting is that this ratio holds up for each and every circle that exists, or can exist!



And what’s pretty awesome about this Pi Day in particular is that the day/month/year match up with Pi more than usual! So at 3/14/15 at 9:26… EAT SOME PIE! Be it apple, cherry, peach, or chocolate!



The pictures are screenshots from this video, thanks to Youtube userĀ mathematicsonline!


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