Marvel Multiverse: Spider-Man Earth 1610 – Miles Morales

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Miles Morales swung onto the scene in 2011 in the Earth 1610 Comic book line (Ultimate Universe). A young kid from Brooklyn with an African American father and Puerto Rican mother, finds himself in a similar situation as Peter Parker when he’s bitten by an Oz-Corp mutated spider. Being a much stronger version of the spider than the one Peter was bitten by, Miles is found not only to have received all the same powers as Peter, but also an ability to camouflage himself and a type of stun blast. Miles’ reaction is contrary to that of Peter’s when he finds out he is now essentially another Spider-Man. He refuses to use his powers and attempts to will them away. Shortly there after, Peter Parker is killed while attempting to save his family from Osborn. Miles shows up to see Peter dead and the aftermath of what he could have helped prevent. This point on he decides to take over the reigns as Spider-Man; entering in one of the biggest gear shifts in marvel canon in recent history. With Miles at the head of the Spider-Man legacy he is quickly obtained by SHIELD and after a bit of convincing (punching and beating up Electro) he is given a new suit and the approval of Spider-Women to continue as the new Spider-Man.

For years now, there has been a huge movement to get Miles in the lead role of a Spider-Man movie, even with an endorsement from Andrew Garfield. Andrew was quoted as saying he would love to see Miles take over as Spider-Man in the Amazing Spider-Man movies. And now, with the recent re-obtainment of the rights for Spider-Man by disney, the possibility of that happening with Andrew as Peter, is gone. Now we have a fantastic opportunity to explore Spider-Man in his fullest extent, and in a way that Sony would never have been able to do with their limited vision. My recommendation is simple, Peter Parker should be the new Spider-Man in the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) but leave it open for Miles to assume the role in the future. What I would love to see happen is the introduction of Miles either alongside or at a later date, hinting at the eventual death of Peter, and rise of Miles. My hope is that Peter has a cameo or is lightly referenced on the TV show Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. (AoS); and/or a dedicated end scene to the wall crawler after Ant-Man. A Fun idea would be Pym or Stark talking to a science classroom with a slow pan to a kid drawing a spider on a piece of paper. Allow for his background to be explored via A0S in the year spanning Ant-Man and Civil War, and then have his big day when he shows up for Civil War. Allow him to play a key role in the universe all the way until Infinity War Pt. 1, in 2018 when Peter is killed. At that point, allow Miles to take over as Spider-Man with his own standalone movie and then let him finish the job in Infinity War Pt. 2.

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