They’re Logically Fallacious! Strawman Fallacy

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This week, as promised, we’re talking about the Strawman Fallacy. Let’s get right into it!


Strawman Fallacy


Another informal fallacy, again meaning making such a mistake doesn’t invalidate your conclusion, but it does make Spock cry. And should make you reexamine your premises, and argument; because do you really want to make Spock cry?

Example: 1) Claim is made. 2) Restatement of claim in distorted way. 3) Attack on distorted claim, falsely determining claim is false.

Real World Example:

Person 1: Biological evolution is both a theory and a fact.

Person 2: That is ridiculous! How can you possibly be absolutely certain that we evolved from pond scum!

Indicator: Whenever a claim is restated, be sure to compare the two. If a claim is not explicitly restated, check the original source for the exact claim made, then compare.



Next week it’s Ad Hominem! In the meantime, brush up on previous posts here.

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