Marvel Multiverse: Spider-Man Earth 65 – Spider-Gwen

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One of the newest addition to the Spider-Man canon is Gwen Stacy of all people. On Earth-65 she, instead of peter, is bitten by the radioactive spider and given the spider powers. Upon finding out Peter decides to become special like her, experimenting and eventually turning himself into something like Lizard. This experimentation leads to his death and the blame is placed on Gwen. In the grand scheme of things, her appearance in the multiverse is at the worst time, given the Spider-Verse cataclysm occurring. She quickly joins the Spider-UK‘s, Spider-Army, to combat the Inheritors during The Great Hunt. She eventually ends up being a part of the final battle and the defeat of the inheritors, ending the crisis.

Spider-Gwen has taken on a great deal of popularity since conception. We are in a time when minority and female superhero are starting to finally get their due. So the release of a badass Spider-Women character with one of the coolest outfits to grace the multiverse, is a breath of fresh air.


Spider-Man Unlimited


Also as a sidenote, if anyone has not been playing Spider-Man Unlimited in the iOS/Android store, I highly recommend it. Being nothing more than a running game, it does have a couple of very addicting features. It pulls from the Spider-Verse crisis, a multitude of Spider-Men/Women including Spider-Gwen. Leveling up characters allows for progression through The Great Hunt events. Check it out!

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