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*Debunkery News:* Name Change

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You may have noticed the lack of a Debunkery post this past Friday; this is due to some changes I’ve decided to make with the series.

Without diving in too deep, I label myself somewhere in the realm of Humanist/Skeptic/Critical Thinker. Labels, however, come with baggage, so I make an effort to keep that in mind whenever possible. And it was recently brought to my attention (via James “The Amazing” Randi during episode 131 of the Rationally Speaking Podcast) that the term “debunking” comes with its own connotation, which I did not intend, and realised is very much the opposite of what I’d like the series to be about.

In essence, “debunking” gives an impression that one is going into a situation with the conclusion in mind. Namely, “I’m here to prove this false.” Which is not what science, skepticism, and the Debunkery series are about. Rather, what I want to convey is critical thinking, taking a hard look at the facts, even (and especially when) they make you uncomfortable, or challenge what you thought to be true before.

For these reasons, the Debunkery series is being renamed to A Critical Thought. In addition, the topics examined will be ones that are true or false, or a gray area in between.

For the time being, the bi-monthly schedule will stay the same, starting again in June. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts so far, and get even more out of those coming up.



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