Doctor Who: Project Song

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As some of Dweebed’s readers may know, I’m a massive Doctor Who buff. Whovians, we’re called. And recently, bingeing through the seasons in regular order just wasn’t enough. So I decided to try to follow the timeline of perhaps the most influential character of The Doctors life; River Song.

I almost immediately came across this info-graphic and got to watching. But quite quickly I became bothered by the hours of overlap having to do with other plot and back story. I wanted to see it all from Melody’s/Mels’/River’s perspective. So I had an idea.

I decided to start a little project I like to call Project: Song. In which I plan to gather all the River Song on-screen content, edit it like a mad man (sadly without a box), and see what I can put together. Hopefully the end result will be something like a River Song show (entitled “Who’s Song” perhaps). It’ll be more broken up, due to her intermittent appearances, but such is life.

I’m just starting in on this project, but I wanted to let other Whovians know what’s up, and perhaps hear some feedback or ideas.



Disclaimer: This is all in good fun, and I have no intention of ever selling anything, or profiting in any way, from this endeavor, it’s just my Doctor Who fanaticism taking over that much more.



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