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Infinity Stones and Gauntlet

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The Infinity Stones are from the time at the creation of the universe. Originally a part of an alien named Nemesis who, out of loneliness, split itself into 6 equal parts. These parts manifested into 6 distinct facet of the being. Now referred to as Infinity Stones, they are as follows: Power, Space, Time, Reality, Soul, and Mind. Each Stone allows the owner to possess a myriad of powers pertaining to that specific Stone. While each Stone is very powerful alone, when working in tandem with each other the owner’s power escalates quickly. Somewhere along the line, the Infinity Gauntlet was created so that all 6 of the Stones could be owned and wielded together giving the wearer power to control the universe.


Cosmic Entities Creating the Infinity Stones

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) the creation of the Stones has been modified to have been created by the Cosmic Entities: Entropy, Infinity, Death, and Eternity. We are slowly building up to the Infinity Wars, which pits Thanos against the universe; as Thanos will inevitably prevail in obtaining all of the Stones and (one of the apparent two) Infinity Gauntlet(s). Once this happens, he will have force unlike anything we have seen so far in the MCU.

With this post and the following 6 on the individual Stones, I plan to highlight not only the power of each Stone, but also track where it has been in the MCU and what its future might hold.

***As the MCU progresses this page will be updated***


Infinity Stones
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