They’re Logically Fallacious! Equivocation

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And another fallacy free week to you! What’s that you say, you want to hear about; Equivocation:


(a.k.a. Doublespeak)

As yet another informal fallacy (we’ll get to others I promise), Equivocation works by using a word or words in a sense that it was not intended to be used for. This can be done intentionally or unintentionally,  but either allow for the individual in error to make grievous errors in logic.

Example: 1) I was told to make great cheese. 2) I hate grated all the cheese I own. 3) I have created grate-cheese.

Real World Example:

“The sign said “fine for parking here”, and since it was fine, I parked there.” (Source)

Indicator: If one is familiar with the language being used, these are near impossible to miss, and therefore either innocent mistakes or clearly deliberate, and usually quite funny/punny.

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Look how far we’ve come!

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