They’re Logically Fallacious! Wishful Thinking

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May the fallacies be not-with you; Wishful Thinking:

Wishful Thinking:

(a.k.a. appeal to consequences)

Another informal fallacy! When one finds the potential fallout of a conclusion appealing, one may find themselves simply deciding, often without words and within their own mind, to accept that given conclusion as true. This is the case with Wishful Thinking, as the name implies.

Example: 1) Wouldn’t it be great if X 2) Therefore, X is true.

Real World Example:

“I know in my heart of hearts that our home team will win the World Series.” (Source)

“I, am an actor!” -Tibias Funke (Source)

Indicator: This one rarely makes an appearance in the formal debate setting, as it simply jumps from a wish to a conclusion. This is more of a fallacy to watch for in oneself; try to follow your own reasoning whenever possible, make sure your conclusions have taken some logical steps, and then (of course) that those steps make sense.

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