Definitive Guide to Apple’s WWDC 2015

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Apples yearly Worldwide Developer conference keynote was Monday June 8th. This yearly event showcases Apple’s Software platforms. This is a brief summary of everything Apple released at WWDC 2015.

WWDC 2015 - 01

OS X El Capitan

Apple started off by briefing us on the upcoming 10.11 update of the Mac operating system being named El Capitan. El Capitan is one of the iconic rock formations in Yosemite National Park. following the trend of their previous naming systems this is analagous to Mountain Lion to Lion and Snow Leopard to Leopard. Essentially a refinement on the previous version with few major features being introduced. Apple is opening up El Capitan to public beta starting in July.


Curser Zoom

  • Shake to find curser.

WWDC 2015 - 05

  • Natural Language Search that I suspect is essentially the text based version of the new Siri we are bound to see at some point.
  • New split screen mode and Mission Control now resembles what Expose looked like a few years ago.

WWDC 2015 - 09

  • Metal for Mac is basically Apple’s response to Microsoft’s DirectX and it will change all graphics in the Mac system dramatically. We may finally start seeing a larger percentage of game companies programming for Mac.


Mail Gestures

  • New swipe gesture features for unread, archive, and delete.

WWDC 2015 - 06

  • Tabs in compose.


Pinned Sites

  • Pinning Sites by dragging them to the left side of the bar.

WWDC 2015 - 04

  • Mute each individual tab in the new Safari. When those random sites play music or video now you can find and mute them.


WWDC 2015 - 34iOS 9

2015 seems to be the year of refinement for Apple’s software platforms. With El Capitan refining Yosemite, iOS 9 is refining iOS 8. No major feature additions allow for a much smaller download package. This is simply because most of the files required are already on the device.

Siri and Search

WWDC 2015 - 12

  • Proactive Assistance with Context sensitive suggestions and a New search screen. Swipe down is now dead and Swipe to the left is back.

WWDC 2015 - 13

  • API for search so there is Deep search of content in Third Party applications.


  • Formatting, Checklists, Attachments, and Drawing tools.


  • Transit Mode and it shows exactly where entrances are from street level. Shop cards display who supports Apple Pay.


WWDC 2015 - 28

  • Apple aggregated news application built into iOS 9. Learns and adapts to interests. Resembles exactly what Flipboard has been doing for years.

WWDC 2015 - 29

  • Quicktype on iPad updated with shortcuts. As well as now having Upper case and lower case letters to avoid the shift key confusion in iOS 8.

Trackpad iPad Gesture

  • Two finger gesture on the spacebar turns the display into a trackpad for the cursor for iPhone 6 and iPad.

WWDC 2015 - 30

  • New App switching on iPad when connected via keyboard.
  • True Multitasking is coming to iPad with Multi-Panel, quicker app switching, and picture in picture video. Split View is available on iPad 2, While Multi-Panel and Picture in Picture is available on iPad Air, Air 2, Mini 2, and Mini 3.

WWDC 2015 - 32

  • iOS 9 battery footprint allow for an additional hour on iPhone and with the new Low-Power mode 3 more hours can be squeezed when toggled.

WWDC 2015 - 33

  • iOS 9 download has been decreased from 4.9 GB download down to a 1.6 GB download.

WWDC 2015 - 35

  • New developer kits allows for gameplay recording.

WWDC 2015 - 36

  • Healthkit  adds UV Exposure, Hydration, and finally Women’s Health metrics.
  • HomeKit adds Window Shades, Sensors, Security, Thermostat, Locks, and Lights. Also adds integration and access remotely via iCloud.

WWDC 2015 - 39

  • Carplay adding support for new screen sizes, manufacture applications, and no longer tied to a power cable.

WWDC 2015 - 11

  • With Carplay a car can be set as a Geofence.
  • Public Beta in July and iOS 9 supports all devices iOS 8 supported, so there is no legacy device drop this year. This means iOS 10 is going to have a huge kill list.


WWDC 2015 - 070Apple Pay

Less then a year old and Apple is expanding its Apple Pay efforts to another country and making it stronger with Discover finally coming on board. All this is making it seem like 2016 will be the year the wallet finally dies.

WWDC 2015 - 50

  • Discover is finally on board.

WWDC 2015 - 51

  • Square will enable Apple Pay with their own hardware.

WWDC 2015 - 18

  • Apple Pay coming to the UK in July 2015 with full integration with the London underground.

WWDC 2015 - 19

  • Apple Pay store cards and rewards cards this fall with contextual information so the appropriate card for the store the customer is in shows up.

WWDC 2015 - 21

  • Passbook application is now officially called Wallet.


WWDC 2015 - 46

watchOS 2

Only six weeks after Apple Watch released they are dramatically increasing the ability of the Watch with watchOS 2. They are including access to every conceivable API for the device, opening it up for developers to utilize all aspects of the device.

WWDC 2015 - 47

  • Third Party Complications. Allows third party developers to add toggles to watch faces.

Time Travel

  • Time Travel will allow for access to view upcoming events via the Digital Crown.

WWDC 2015 - 52

  • New friends section with multiple screens and add a friend support. New Wallet features as well as Transit features are included.

WWDC 2015 - 53

  • New watch faces, and third party apps with be able to access HRM and contribute to Activity application.

WWDC 2015 - 54

  • watchOS gets Native application support. This will speed up Apple Watch application responsiveness. Developers get API’s for every bit of hardware, Digital Crown, Taptic Feedback, Video, Microphone, etc.. This will lead to much better applications for Apple Watch.

WWDC 2015 - 55

  • watchOS 2 releases in the Fall.


WWDC 2015 - 56Apple Music

Apple Music allows customers to stream any song on iTunes as well as access to playlists curated by artists. Beats One nonstop worldwide radio stations are 24/7 live internet radio. Connect is essentially Ping 2 with artist pages and social features built in. The biggest failure of Ping was it was not built into the devices people actually listened to music on. With it built directly in the Music app on iOS it may have a chance to take off.

  • New Music app with new app navigation screen. There is also a new Mini now playing screen for easy access.

WWDC 2015 - 61

  • Apple + Beats equals the same genre selection screen from the Beats app.

WWDC 2015 - 59

  • Apple Music will be available June 30th with iOS 8.4. Apple Music will also be coming to Android this fall. Pricing is $9.99 a month for single use and $14.99 for a family of up to six. As an incentive for people to experience Apple Music the first 3 months are free.



  • High adoption rate benefits developers and customers. with 83% of iOS devices running the most current software chances are much higher everyone will be able to run the developed app. it is far more incentive to develop for Apple then other platforms.

WWDC 2015 - 41

  • In an attempt to take over the code universe Apple announces Swift 2 will be Open Source.

WWDC 2015 - 45

  • App Store has had 100,000,000,000 downloads.

WWDC 2015 - 071

  • Apple has also made it easy for switchers from Android to get all their content over to iOS with the new Android migration app. It will wirelessly transfer and backup photos, contacts, wallpaper, and any applications that are not free will be added to the wish-list in the app store.

WWDC 2015 - 49

  • Apple is making a strong emphasis on security. With the current climate in the digital world Apple is setting themselves apart making it very clear they do not access your data nor do they want to.

WWDC 2015 - 072

  • iCloud Drive will finally get a dedicated application for iOS. Similar to dropbox customers will be able to access anything they have stored in iCloud Drive.

WWDC 2015 - 073

  • Photos for Mac will finally be getting back some of the features they removed in 1.0. Bulk editing, geotagging, better faces, and extensions. They are treating Photos for Mac like Photos for iOS in that they are building a basic app for everyone and then allowing Extensions to increase its usability if the customer so desires. With the death of Aperture I expect people will be able to get that functionality back with Extensions in Photos.
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