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Marvel Multiverse: YellowJacket

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When speaking about YellowJacket it is less about a specific person, and more of the suit itself. The suit is worn by different people at different times, and in the comic books, Pym originally invents the YellowJacket suit. While debilitated with mental illness, he comes into contact with experimental material that escalates his condition causing him great suffering. Due to his schizophrenia, he claims to have murdered Pym, while in the YellowJacket, and then uses the persona to fight crime.

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The suit has a weapon that mimics a stinger that fires an energy pulse, as well as the ability to fly. It also has the same mechanics of the Ant-Man suit so controlling insects is possible and allows the wearer size reduction utilizing the Pym Particles. The particles utilize extra-dimensions and essentially move the extra mass to another plane in the meantime and would call it all back when growing to a normal size again. The particles also allow size addition by calling on mass from the other dimension to reinforce bones and muscles, however this has unforeseen effects on the health of the person so can only be used sparingly and with limitations on size. Another unique attribute to the suit utilizing the Pym particles is the ability to shrink down so small one would enter the “Microverse“. This is a realm smaller then atoms where the user can traverse into alternate dimensions.

Darren Cross

Darren Cross

Darren Cross is set to be the wearer of the YellowJacket suit in the new Ant-Man movie. Darren Cross, in the comic books, was a self made millionaire, who used his knowledge and money to cure a heart condition he was born with. The device is called the Nucleorganic Pacemaker and was technically a success keeping him alive and also giving him superhuman abilities. The negative to this is it also tended to burn out his heart and he required multiple heart transplants. When Scott Lang attempts to receive help for his daughter from the doctor Darren kidnapped a fight breaks out which causes Darren’s heart fails and ends his mortality. With what we have seen from the trailers in the new Ant-Man movie I feel as though a lot of this is going to be similar in the movie. I would not be surprised if it was exactly the same.

Ant-Man will be in theaters July 17th 2015

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