Deadpool Trailer Officially Drops and it is Glorious

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The Deadpool trailer has finally arrived and it is better than anyone could have hoped!

As a huge Deadpool fan, I was so worried they’d screw up the character. Like they’ve done before… (LOOK AT IT!). But from both the teaser posted a few days ago, and now the actual trailer, it looks like we’re in business.

There was a lot of debate out there about Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool ‘for real’, as opposed to the terrible excuse for “Deadpool” we saw previously. But I’m 100% on board with the choice. I say, give them a chance to make Reynolds-Deadpool everything he could’ve been.

Besides, Deadpool himself basically called it years ago:


So if you missed the link earlier here they are in all their glory:

Deadpool Teaser

Deadpool Trailer

Wade hit’s the big screen on February 12th 2016!

Also, here’ a recent post outlining the Merc With A Mouth, and here’s an analysis/breakdown of the trailer!

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Deadpool, in theaters February 12th 2016!

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