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Episode 039 – New Dweeb Approaching

David Rainsberger II Dweebed News, Podcast 1 Comment

The Dweeb roster increases to Six! A small Q&A with our new Dweeb Kim. We get a feel for how much of a nerd Kim is with the ultimate Dweeb test. Star Trek or Star Wars? What is her Zombie weapon of choice? Listen and find out. Suggested Media: Kim’s …

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*Debunkery News:* Name Change

Riley Sproul A Critical Thought, Debunkery, Dweebed News Leave a Comment

You may have noticed the lack of a Debunkery post this past Friday; this is due to some changes I’ve decided to make with the series. Without diving in too deep, I label myself somewhere in the realm of Humanist/Skeptic/Critical Thinker. Labels, however, come with baggage, so I make an …

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