Debunkery- Liquid Glass

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Hello all, I’m starting a intermittently regular series here on Dweebed: Debunkery. Where I’ll briefly (or sometimes not so briefly) debunk, examine, or otherwise explain the truth behind a common myth. For the first entry into the Debunkery series we have liquid glass! At some point in years past I …

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False Memories: Part 3…7… 1, Definitely Part 1

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I want to tell you about false memories. Or at least I think I do… Hmm. Many of us think of our eyes, ears, and memory as cameras, microphones, and a hard drive. But we’re biological beings, and we are massively flawed. Many of our most surprising flaws are neurological …

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New Horizon

Pluto Close Up: Mark Your Calendars!

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Save the date: July 14th 2015. That’s when the probe launched in January, 9 years ago, will fly by Pluto and its five moons capturing some no doubt profound pictures and data for us to mine for years. This will be the closest and highest resolution look we’ve gotten at Pluto …

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No Man’s Sky

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No Man’s Sky is set to change how open world games are generating in a massive way. The player is presented with a completely procedural generated galaxy provided by many different simple equations that add up to create something incredibly complex and unique. The user has the ability to hop in their …

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‘Wanderers’ – A short film by Erik Wernquist

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I’m not familiar with Erik Wernquist, but I’ll certainly be looking into his other projects after writing this post! This short film takes a Carl Sagan quote, from Pale Blue Dot (a book you must read) and expands it into a cinematic adventure. As the opening caption states, each location …

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Jurassic World Trailer

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Surprising everyone, the Jurassic World trailer dropped earlier today. If you’ve been living in a cave your whole life, this is the 4th installment to the Jurassic Park series. The trailer revolves around the park’s re-opening, the new team in charge, and a taste of the next big disaster on …

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Rosetta Comet sounds like something out of the movies!

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While perusing my Facebook feed this morning I came across this awesome sound clip from our newest ESA adventure, the Rosetta mission. Not only are the sounds incredibly unsettling but they also remind me of the many alien flicks available (Signs, Predator, Alien, etc.). Regardless I found it interesting and apparently …

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