Episode 041 – E3 2015

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The Dweebs cover what was announced this year at E3. Bethesda, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and a few others battle it out to wow us with their new IP’s, Sequels, and Remastered games. Who won E3 this year? The Dweebs talk about the highlights and the duds of the years most popular …

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Episode 040 – Fallout for Pluto

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Dweebs wrap up the week in the nerd sphere talking about Fallout 4 and its official release announcement trailer. Also what has Marvel done showing the world a cinimatic universe is possible! They have set a precedent for studios to start connecting movies that have no reason to be connected. …

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Fallout 4 Officially Announced

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Fallout 4 is officially on its way and the rumors seem to be true that it will be taking place in Boston, Massachusetts. We get a glimpse of our good pal Dogmeat as well as the famous Power Armor. Strap in and get ready because after all, War Never Changes. …

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