A Critical Thought: Bigfoot

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  This week I’m reviewing the claims of/for Bigfoot (or variations there upon). As specific videos, pictures, and theories are in rather large numbers, I’ll mainly be addressing what I’ve found to be the best arguments for and against Bigfoot’s existence. Let’s dive in!   Argument for: The shear preponderance …

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A Critical Thought: The Mozart Effect

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The Mozart Effect. Or, the idea that listening to classical music (usually Mozart) can increase ones IQ, spatial reasoning, and/or other non music-related brain processes; both in developed brains (college students) and in developing ones (newborns, toddlers, ect.). Also described here as, “The general use of music to improve memory, …

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*Debunkery News:* Name Change

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You may have noticed the lack of a Debunkery post this past Friday; this is due to some changes I’ve decided to make with the series. Without diving in too deep, I label myself somewhere in the realm of Humanist/Skeptic/Critical Thinker. Labels, however, come with baggage, so I make an …

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Debunkery- Facilitated Communication

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Hello, before we dive into the second Debunkery post for this month I want to add a clarification: This post deals with Facilitated Communication (FC); a very broad, and ill defined area, and a sensitive topic to many. There are, using the broadest of strokes, two kinds of FC: actual and …

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Debunkery- Targeted Fat Loss

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  While listening to an episode of The Geologic Podcast, a hilarious podcast I highly recommend (fyi, it has nothing to do with Geology), I learned this bit of information that I thought I’d research and share with all of you! Targeted fat loss is the idea that one can do …

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Debunkery- Left Brained vs Right Brained?

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Welcome to Debunkery! The topic of the day is: Cognitive Hemispheric Dominance (CHD). The idea that the left hemisphere of our brain is one way and the right is another, and that the differences impact one’s personality. Many people believe that the left brain deals with logic, rationality, deduction, ect. …

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Debunkery- Liquid Glass

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Hello all, I’m starting a intermittently regular series here on Dweebed: Debunkery. Where I’ll briefly (or sometimes not so briefly) debunk, examine, or otherwise explain the truth behind a common myth. For the first entry into the Debunkery series we have liquid glass! At some point in years past I …

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